Special Sale:Chinese Gong-Fu Tea Ceremony Tea Ware Group Experience China Tradition Tea Culture
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Special Sale:Chinese Gong-Fu Tea Ceremony Tea Ware Group Experience China Tradition Tea Culture

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Traditional handmade Chinese ceramic tea pot and cups, made from Ru Porcelain and wood. Super natural and elegant.

This price cointains 1 teapot, 1 Sharing Pot and,6 tea cups

Teapot---Height: 10.cm; length:19cm; about 230ml
Sharing pot---Height: 7.2cm;length:20cm; about 220ml
tea cup----Height: 5cm;length:5.2cm;about 40ml

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China Gong-Fu Tea Ceremony

Gongfu tea is famous in every household in chaoshan district. It is often the case that they make tea and serve their guests. Chaoshan gongfu tea is very well-known custom in China culture and it is one of four Golden Flower in the southern place. The fundamental spirit of it can be seen as the following: peace, love refinement and nobleness. Peace represents the harmonious atmosphere. Love represents the kindness, refinement represents the beauty of tea set and the particular way of making tea and nobleness represents the nobility of the mind.

Gong Fu tea ceremony appliance:
炭炉:charcoal stove 电随手泡:an instant electrical kettle
陶壶:a pottery kettle 紫砂壶:a boccaro teapot
瓷壶:a porcelain teapot 盖碗:a covered teacup
闻香杯:sniff-cup/fragrance –smelling cup
品茗杯:the tea-sipping cup 茶叶罐:a tea canister
水盂:a tea basin 茶盘:a tea tray 托盘:a tea serving tray
公道杯:a Fair mug (Gongdao Mug) 过滤网:a filter
茶夹:the tea longs

GongFu Tea Ceremony Process:
烧水:heat up water
茶艺表演:tea ceremony performance
盖碗:the lid is for the sky , the bottom is for the earth, and the body is for the person. When we combine these three things together, we call it 三才cup
温杯、洁具:pour into the hot water until half-full,then throw the water out of the teapot. It can warm up the teacup
乌龙入宫:we use the shovel to get some tea and put the oolong tea into the teapot
悬壶高冲:lift up the pot and pour the water into the pot, the tea-leaf will flowing with the water, in this way, we can wash the tea and force the smell of tea come out
春风拂面:we use the cover of teacup to scratch the bubble on the surface
若琛出浴:use the tea to warm up the cup, in this process, we should turn the cup around
关公巡城:pour the tea into every cup in order, we should bear these four words in mind: low,fast, even and尽
韩信点兵:when the tea is nearly ran out, put the rest of tea into every cup. Every drop of water should be distributed evenly
敬奉香茗:now it is time for our guests to enjoy the tea.
三龙护鼎:use the thumb and the index finger to hold the body of the cup,and use the middle finger to 顶 the cup
鉴赏汤色Now we can drink the tea, before that, we should watch its color carefully. If it is in good quality, the color should be clear, golden. Bright and bring a sense of enjoyment
细闻幽香Then we can smell its fragrance, the laurel smell, the orchid smell will definitely make you pleasant
品啜甘霖now we can drink the tea. There is a special kind of feeling when you hold the tea in your mouth and drink it very slowly into your heart

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Gongfu Tea Tutorial