Shi Piao Teapot 18 Types Of Mansheng Zisha Clay Teapot Yixing Pottery Handmade Zisha Clay Teapot
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Shi Piao Teapot 18 Types Of Mansheng Zisha Clay Teapot Yixing Pottery Handmade Zisha Clay Teapot

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Name: Shi Piao teapot
Capacity: about 260 ml;height:6.5cm;length:14.5cm
Clay: ben shan green clay

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Name: 18 Types of ManSheng Zisha Clay Teapot

"ManSheng 18 Type" is 18 types of zisha clay teapots created by ManSheng Chen.
ManSheng Chen is one of Chinese great artists in Qing Dynasty."ManSheng 18 types" is very important in the history of Chinese arts and crafts design.
1, Shi Piao Teapot/石瓢壶
2,Jing Lan Teapot/井栏壶
3, He Huan Teapot/合欢壶
4,Zhou Pan Teapot /周盘壶
5,Heng Yun Teapot/横云壶
6,Nan Gua Ti Liang Teapot/南瓜提梁壶
7,Shi Diao Ti Liang Teapot/石銚提梁壶
8,Shi Piao Ti Liang Teapot/石瓢提梁壶
9,Ru Ou Teapot/乳瓯壶
10,Shi Pian Teapot/石扁壶
11,Bao Gua Teapot/匏瓜壶
12,Li Yin/笠荫壶
13,Que Yue Teapot/却月壶
14,Hu Lu Teapot/葫芦壶
15,He Dou Teapot/合斗壶
16,Ban Wa Teapot/半瓦壶
17,Ban Piao Teapot/半瓢壶
18,Ban Gua Teapot/半瓜壶

China Teaism---Yixing ZiSha Clay Teapot
Zisha clay teapot was the Chinese unique handmade clay crafts, now also have made with machines batch production. raw materials for the purple clay origin in Jiangsu, Yixing, which also known as Yixing Zisha teapot. Its origin can be traced back to the spring and Autumn period the country , which has a history of over 2400 years
The classification of Zisha clay teapot
Zisha clay teapot can be divided into five categories: smooth body (光身壶), flower –fruit type(花果型), square type(方型), decorative ceramic pot(陶艺装饰壶)and bar-line type(筋纹型);smooth body (光身壶) model is the basis of the roundness which is evoluted with lines, describe, engraved and so on ,many kinds of techniques to make.;flower –fruit type(花果型),tepots take melon and fruit, tree, bamboo, natural species to make subject matter.;square type(方型) teapot is the modeling of combination of dot, line and plane.
Raw material
They can be divided into three kinds: purple clay(紫泥), green clay and red Clay.
Chemical composition:
Zisha clay main mineral composition are water mica, and kaolin rocks, quartz, mica chip and iron.
1, Neither take tea aroma and have no cooked soup gas,.making tea with zisha clay teapot, its color, smell and taste are aggregates.
2,Zisha clay teapot can absorb tea juice. Using a period of time, zisha clay teapot can increase product "tea stain", even empty zisha teapot have tea smell and taste, putting boiling water into teapot.
3,Easy washing, washing with hot water 2 or 3 times, then fall into cold water,. It can make teapot clean to brew tea.
4, adaptability of cold and cold leaps

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