Broken Tea Of Yunnan Black Tea Dian Hong
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Broken Tea Of Yunnan Black Tea Dian Hong

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Premium Tea / Super-Grade Tea

Name 滇紅 / Diān hóng
Region Fengqing, Yunnan
Manufacture Fully oxidized black tea
Style Full budset in open spiral
Flavor Smooth, rich, mouth-filling
Aroma Clean, nutty
Liquor Clear, deep golden
Brewing Brew two or three minutes at at 90°C


Dian hong  "Yunnan Red", is a Chinese black tea which is used as a relatively high end gourmet black tea and is sometimes used in various tea blends. The main difference between Dian hong and other Chinese black teas is the amount of fine leaf buds, or "golden tips," present in the dried tea.

Dianhong has large plump leaves and a thin layer of white fur on the surface. However, most of the Dianhong available on the market has been compressed into tea cakes and broken into small pieces. Dianhong has an intense reddish brown color.  Fermented with lychee, rose and longan, Dian hong teas produces a brew that is brassy golden orange in color with a sweet, gentle aroma and no astringency.When brewed, the tea tastes smooth and deep. It has a substantial body and a lingering earthy aroma. Even after adding milk, one can still clearly taste the true flavors of Dianhong.

Dianhong is a type of black tea native to Yunnan Province in China. It grows in the Southern and Southwestern parts of the region. The average sea level of the tea plantations is above 1000 meters. The climate is warm throughout the year, around 22c. The land is blessed with fertile conditions perfect for tea growth.
Teas grown in the Yunnan Province of China prior to the Han dynasty were typically exported in a compressed form similar to modern pu-erh tea. Dian hong is a relatively new product from Yunnan that began production in the early 20th century. The word "Diān" (滇) is the short name for the Yunnan region while "hóng" (紅) means "red (tea)"; as such, these teas are sometimes simply referred to as Yunnan red or Yunnan black. However, such references are often confusing due to the other varieties of teas produced in Yunnan as well as the ambiguous nature of the color classifications.

Broken Yunnan :A cheap tea used for blending which contains very few golden buds and is generally bitter on its own. You can spot this tea easily as the dried leaves are largely black in color with only a few bursts of golden tips. The brew is dark and not brassy but reddish-brown. The taste can sometimes be as strong as cooked pu-erh tea.
Yunnan Gold : A Dian hong with fewer golden buds and more dark tea leaves. It is on par with the pure gold, and is priced similarly, but makes teas with slightly different characteristics. The brew a brassy red color different from other black teas and a vivid sweetness not quite as intense as "Yunnan pure gold".  
Yunnan Pure Gold : Considered the best type of Dian hong tea. It contains only golden tips, which are usually covered in fine hairs. When viewed from a distance, the dried tea appears bright orange in color. The tea liquor is bright red in color and exhibits a gentle aroma and a sweet taste. The leaves are reddish brown after being brewed. 

Dian hong teas are best brewed with porcelain taiwan or yixing tea ware using freshly boiled water at 90°C (194°F) to 100°C (212°F), and are suitable for multiple infusions. It is important not to overgrew the teas as they will easily go bitter or exhibit astringency, especially the cheaper varieties.

Quality characteristics of Black broken tea:

Shape: particle tight end, the real body weight bone

Color: black bloom

Soup color: red brilliant

Aroma: fragrance

Taste: fresh and brisk

Infused leaves: bright red, evenly and bright

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