A Complete Set Of Portable Ru Porcelain Tea Sets Premium And Treasure Tea Pot Experence China Tea Ceremony
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A Complete Set Of Portable Ru Porcelain Tea Sets Premium And Treasure Tea Pot Experence China Tea Ceremony

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Name:portable Ru Porcelain tea set
This price contains 1 teapot,6 tea cup, 1sharing pot and 1 filter

Teapot :about 160ml ;height:10cm; length:12cm
Share pot: about 150ml ;height:8cm; length:9cm
Filter:height:4cm; length:8cm
Cup :about 45ml ;height:4cm; length:7cm

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Overview of Ru Yao Porcelain

Ru Kiln, one called "Head of All Kilns on the Earth" in Chinese porcelain history as one of the five famous kilns ("Ru, Guan, Jun, Ge & Ding Kilns") in Song Dynasty, gets the name of "Ru" Since it is located in Ruzhou.

This kiln was specially picked out to produce porcelain for the court in Song Dynasty, so its products were called "RU Palace Porcelain" i.e. "Ru Porcelain" put simply. Whose soft quantity, delicate workmanship, unique color and colorful penetrations give you delightful enjoyment and pleasure, Quite often resulting in such characteristic effects of "Blue like the sky, gentle like the gem, fine like cicada' s wings, shining like the stars and smooth like the glaze". Ru Kiln technique survived various wars and anarchical periods in history with much treasured pieces of porcelain spread all over the world in museums of Peking, Taipei, Britain, Japan, etc; since it is the world' s rare treasure of mankind.Ru porcelain was exclusively for imperial use. It was produced on a small scale within a twenty-year period, and artisans conversant in its production techniques were few. There are believed to be just 60 pieces of Ru porcelain extant. Of all ancient Chinese ceramics, those made in the Ru kilns are the most precious, mainly because they are so rare. A mere fragment of Ru kiln porcelain sells for RMB 1,000 (about US $122).The Imperial Ru Kilns of the Northern Song Dynasty were in Ruzhou (present-day Linru County, Henan Province) -- for centuries a main producer of celadon. Archaeological findings indicate that porcelain production in Ruzhou was technologically advanced during the Tang Dynasty, but it was actually from 1086 to 1106, when Ru kilns were confined to imperial use, that Ru ceramics reached their zenith. Emperor Huizong personally oversaw the selection of craftsmen and materials involved in porcelain production. As his stress was on aesthetics rather than practicality. Ru kiln ceramics were small and exquisitely fashioned, seldom exceeding 20 centimeters in height. They were stationery or purely decorative items, such as brush washers, incense burners and vases. Emperor Huizong also had a passion for bronze ware, and was the first to produce porcelain whose shape imitated bronze.
The texture of Ru porcelain bases is fine and in an ash gray shade with a glaze that covers the entire body. When fired, each piece was placed on a rack whose nails left distinctive spur marks the size of sesame seeds on each base. The bodies of Ru porcelains are slender and symmetrical with an extremely hard, finely crackled sky blue, aquamarine or turquoise glaze.
Ru Kilns stopped production after the Jin invasion. Some artisans fled to the south, but owing to a lack of raw materials and different climatic conditions, were unable to produce porcelains of the same quality as those of Ruzhou

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